A Mass Exploration

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Turner Contemporary & Thanet District Council 2005
Cartridge paper
Pen & Ink
1.75 x 1 m
10 mins


A Mass Exploration of the Isle of Thanet by Jo Roberts E.P.

This commission was to engage with residents on the Isle of Thanet about what they thought of regeneration in the region. My project was some time before the construction of the Turner Contemporary building. Upon arriving in Margate for my initial research I read the headline in the local paper about an exploratory probe into the land where the building was due to be built. I decided to become a human Exploratory Probe, abbreviated to E.P., and based my activities on that of an Member of Parliament, M.P. To that end I held numerous Meet and Greet events, canvassing the opinions of people. The results I collated into diagrammatic drawings and an audio piece.


Turner Contemporary