This website is a celebration of the past 18 years, the period that I have worked as a professional artist. The Gallery page has an archive of some of my work from that period. The Jo+ page is a  résumé of all the aspects of my practice. 

I am a visual artist drawn to the idiosyncrasies and overlooked aspects of life, including my own, exploring the people and places that I encounter, then recording my findings and responses. This is invariably in a map form, and often with an accompanying participatory event.

My practice is process-based and my maps and events are the manifestation, and celebration, of a period of research, analysis and engagement; often collected and then collated by moving through a landscape. I am drawn to the area of psychogeography, reading and interpreting the layers of human and physical landscape that I’m surveying. Into this I incorporate my personal experiences and feelings. It is particular fragments of an environment that fascinate me and relate to my inner self.

I create intricate and intriguing artworks. The maps are constructed by drawing, stitching or with Letterpress printing, they combine fact and fiction, real and fantastic geographies, personal and shared experiences, genuine encounters and uncovered myths. Along with exhibiting the maps and artworks, the events are an integral part of my practice; this often manifests itself in the form of a led walk. There is a sense of an adventurous and playful spirit at work. I relish direct engagement with people, be this in passing or a more in-depth relationship. In my practice, I am passionate about creativity and working with others to explore theirs. I combine my studio practice with residencies and commissions - partnership and collaboration are key drivers. I seek opportunities for dialogue and travel with other artists, curators and the public during projects, to inform and unlock my ideas.

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Film by Jamie Sergeant.

You can download a copy of my CV here.