Back to the Land

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Commission for the Rural History Exhibition This Green & Pleasant Land 2013
Leamington Spa Art Gallery & Museum
Felt, embroidery thread.
24 x 43 cms
Gift to participants:
Embossed Letterpress on 300g Somerset paper.
4 x 16 cms



The sub title for this project was: Jo Roberts The Temporary Keeper of the Repatriation of Rural Artefacts. The aim was to celebrate the hidden, rural artefacts of the museum’s store; to inform people about the artefacts past, thereby feeling a connection to the future. With Vicki Slade (Senior Curator Human History) I selected several objects; the beer costrel was one of these. I did a series of drawings of the objects. We repatriated objects back to localities that they had a connection with, for example a ribbon bookmark to Stoneleigh Abbey. We also had an expert to talk about a particular subject to accompany each repatriation. When the beer costrel was taken back to a field we had some one talk about the history of brewing in Warwickshire. Each trip was accompanied by a group of participants. These received a limited edition artwork as a gift for taking part. The final artwork was a map of where the artefacts had been repatriated to; this is now in the Art Gallery & Museum’s collection.

You can read an essay about the project here by Vicki Slade, Senior Curator (Human History), Leamington Spa Art Gallery & Museum.