The Contemporary Surveyor of Compton Verney – Exhibition

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Commission for Re-Viewing the Landscape exhibition at Compton Verney 2014
Embossed Letterpress on 300g Somerset paper, gouache & ink, tracing paper, cord.
6 x 4 m


This work was the result of my survey of the past and present Compton Verney house and grounds. It consisted of numerous pieces of paper – tracing, cartridge and 300g Somerset paper. These were made up of embossed Letterpress, cut outs of letters, painted maps and drawings. The words included on the map came out of the research and relate directly to the house and the grounds. They are displayed in such a manner as to construct a visible resemblance to a map of Compton Verney. Incorporated into this is the location of the six Viewing boxes, these are located where Capability Brown chose important sightlines. The sightlines from the boxes to the house were shown by red cord. Around the outside of the map there was a series of A5 framed drawings of visitors in the grounds. On an adjoining wall was a reproduction of James Fish’s survey of 1736, which was my main source of inspiration.

You can read an essay about the work here by Annabel Lucas, Collections Manager &  Exhibitions Curator, University of Hertfordshire.


Compton Verney