Field Studies

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Timespan Museum & Arts Centre, Helmsdale, Sutherland 2010
Wall Drawings:
3 x 12 m & 4 x 4 m
18 x 28 x 4 cms
21 x 11 cms


The aim of this project was to facilitate the development of the Timespan organisation to better communicate, engage and advocate on matters of contemporary art. This was a multi-layered project that was developed over several months. I worked with the Board, staff, volunteers and organisations within 3 communities located across Northern Scotland. It resulted in an exhibition of the work of 100 participants alongside mine.

Nicola Henderson, Director of Timespan Museum and Arts Centre, in 2010.

‘Field Studies was a project developed at Timespan Museum and Arts Centre, Helmsdale, North Scotland – an organisation that had only recently adopted a contemporary art policy in an area with no other contemporary art galleries. Jo Roberts was the lead artist working with us on ways to build our organisations and communities’ confidence and understanding of contemporary art. Jo led the project with a sensitive and dynamic approach, always listening to the many different people involved, inspiring them to create their own contemporary work and to ask questions about the areas they didn’t understand. The project was a huge success and I would relish an opportunity to work with Jo again in the future.’

You can read one essay about the project here, by Giles Sutherland, writer; and another here, by Jenny Brownrigg, curator & writer.


Timespan Museum & Arts Centre