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Manchester Art Gallery 2008
In collaboration with Manchester City & Manchester United Football Clubs.
Khadi cotton rag paper
Pen & ink
11 x 15 cms



The starting point for this commission was being inspired by Celia Fiennes (1662–1741) who journeyed through England on horseback and came to Manchester in 1688. I decided to become a contemporary reporter exploring the city. I took as the basis of my project Manchester’s two football clubs; in travelling to the clubs I closely observed the city. The maps show my reflecting and observing the city, revealing the quirky and minutiae of everyday life. Working at Manchester City and Manchester United Football Clubs, I interviewed a selection of people from players to grounds men, cleaners to ticket sellers, about their goals in life; finding the human stories behind the game. My findings were published in the Manchester Evening News in the run up to the opening of my exhibition.


Manchester Art Gallery