Memory Maps

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Warwickshire Open Studios 2014
Graphite & coloured pencil on paper.
180 x 120 mm

This is a selection from the 26 Memory Maps, a body of work that I made for my Open Studio 2014, part of Warwickshire Open Studios.

Each map depicts a memory. The memories surfaced consecutively during a period of meditation, a session that I did for this purpose. They were displayed from the inside of the windows of our house in Kenilworth, where I live and have my studio. The artworks were exhibited all around the property, acting as a metaphor for my mind.

We have lived here for 23 years, and in 2014 were just coming to the end of a period of renovation, both internally and externally. Whilst doing this, the memories of the past years kept flooding back. I was fascinated how the spaces had changed and developed, just as we, as a family had; those memories of the past seemed so very real.

You can read an essay about the work here, by Pete Berry, artist.