The Contemporary Surveyor of Compton Verney – Residency

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Artist in Residence, Compton Verney 2014
Viewing Boxes:
20 x 15 x 15 cms on posts 1m high.
Map & instructions:
10 x 10 cms

The aim of this residency was to encourage visitors to re examine the landscape in front of them, to record what they saw, by word or drawing. Located around the grounds were six viewing boxes. These were placed where Capability Brown designed sightlines to, or from, the house. I was in residence over the summer, based by the icehouse. As I invariably do for projects, I wore an outfit that I felt was appropriate to my role. From this location, I would escort visitors to a viewing box of their choice, engaging in a discussion about the landscape as we were moved through it. I would encourage them to record their observations. Many visitors completed drawings when I wasn’t in residence. The work handed in (measuring 10 x 10 cms) was made into an artwork, the title of which ‘She talked us through the landscape’, came from a reflection from one of the participants.