The Excursionist

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Bedford Creative Arts 2011
75 x 55 mm
Cartridge paper, ink, graphite pencil.
30 x 70 cms



I was commissioned by Bedford Creative Arts to explore the context of the new location of the organization within the town of Bedford. By looking at the past and present, through triangulation, the aim was to explore future role of the organization. I became The Excursionist of the past and present, producing a map of The Land of the Midland Road. I led a series of four walks of the surrounding area, observing architectural and social details. Participants were encouraged to record what they saw, through words and sketching. I constructed a small booklet as a thank you for the participants, this act of giving is an important aspect of my practice. At the end of each walk, as there so often is, there was a social gathering of tea, cake and chat. I recorded each of the walks in the form of an intricate map.

Bedford Creative Arts