Urban Fringe

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Kent Architecture Centre (now Design South East) 2012
Maps of the Day:
Gouache, watercolour, pen.
120 x 165 mms
Pressed flowers & embossed Letterpress on 300g Somerset paper.
200 x 155 mms
Finding the Fringeness Along the Fringe Ways:
Gouache, watercolour, pen.
300 x 800 mms

This was a commission with 3 other artists, Simon Barker, Nayan Kulkarni & Stephen Turner, by Kent Architecture Centre (now Design South East) & managed by FrancisKnight, to investigate the fringes of Medway and Swale, and the communities who lived there. I explored the area on my beloved Brompton bike. As part of the project, I decided that each day for 70 days I would Tweet a Map of the Day. These were either drawn whilst I was out and about on my bike in Kent, or back at my studio.  Whilst exploring the fringes I collected 67 flowers, which I pressed. I then mounted them individually, embossing their name,  to create a Herbarium.

At the end of my exploring I created a map of where I had ridden, entitled Finding the Fringeness along the Fringe Ways. I collaborated with artist Stephen Turner on aspects of this project, and together we created a blog for our Urban Fringe projects.

You can read an essay about the project here, by Anna Falcini, artist.